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This Summer’s Vans Are Made of… Cork?

This Summer's Vans Are Made of... Cork?

If you’re after a new pair of kicks for the summer, Vans is offering up a new take on its classic designs that are made of… cork.

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The E-Label Act may rid your future gadgets of FCC logos

Let’s try something really quickly: pull your phone out, flip it over, and maybe squint at it a bit. Chances are you’ll see a series of FCC-mandated pictograms emblazoned there, little images you’ve probably never paid attention to before. If US…

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This Week’s Top Comedy Video: The Onion Reviews Planet of the Apes (NSFW)

Peter Rosenthal’s here this week to review the new Planet of the Apes movie. No, not the one from 2011. No, not the one from 2001. Nope, not 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970, or 1968. No, the other one.

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Murders, Tsunamis, Bus Singing: What’s Ruining Our Cities This Week

Murders, Tsunamis, Bus Singing: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

Why were so many people shot in Chicago last weekend? Does today’s earthquake in Japan mean another Fukushima meltdown? And why does Winnipeg want to fine people $100 for singing in public? These are the questions we address in this week’s edition of What’s Ruining Our Cities.

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Three Uses For Tumblr That Don’t Involve Blogging

Three Uses For Tumblr That Don't Involve Blogging

You can use Tumblr to blog about your love of BBC detective shows or YouTube celebrities, but you don’t have to. It’s a platform that offers more versatility and nuance than you might think. Here are three alternative approaches you can take with your Tumblr site.

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Apple’s Maps team reportedly contacting businesses to verify user-submitted data

Apple is reportedly reaching out to businesses to verify address data that has been marked as incorrect in the Maps app’s “Report a Problem” feature. According to a post on Reddit:

A 408 number called me from Apple Maps and let me know that a user reported my business address as incorrect. They still had my old address that was listed on Yelp so I gave them the new one. I asked when I should expect it to be updated on Apple Maps and the lady said, “We don’t have an exact timeline for updates but it should be within the next week.”

It appears that Apple pulled from Yelp awhile ago but it doesn’t actually sync the addresses and other information.

Still couldn’t believe that they called me to fix up the listing – how awesome.

At this stage, it is unclear if the Maps team is contacting other points of interests. Considering the sheer amount of requests that the Maps team likely gets, a turnaround time of one week sounds impressive. The move is indicative of a larger push by Apple to update the Maps app with the latest data, which includes inculcating user-submitted corrections.

What about you guys? Are you seeing more accurate listings in Maps?

Source: Reddit

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The Oculus Rift Just Took a Big Step Towards Not Looking So Damn Goofy

The Oculus Rift Just Took a Big Step Towards Not Looking So Damn Goofy

Oculus VR is now owned by Facebook , but that won’t keep them from slurping up some companies of their own. And most recently, Oculus VR has agreed to snap up the Carbon Design Group, the designers behind the wonderful Xbox 360 controller and the original Kinect. Someday soon, it might not look quite so silly.

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